NONE of the results achieved by me or by any of the testimonials or readers are TYPICAL.

If you consider yourself to be ‘typical’ or ‘average’ then go find a magic diet pill or better yet a generous government program and save us all a bunch of wasted time. People that succeed in life possess extraordinary abilities that you DO NOT and WILL PROBABLY NEVER have.

The ability to turn off the TV and read a book occasionally, or the ability to put aside selfish short sited desires in order to pursue larger long term goals makes some of us freakishly superior and you don’t have what it takes to join us. So please – just give up now and go eat some ice cream and watch a movie. DO NOT BUY The Products listed here.

You’ve heard it said “results may vary” right? Well, yours won’t. You won’t get ANYTHING from ANY of what I have to offer. You’re fat and you won’t do anything about it anyways.

The average or typical results that anyone can expect from reading ANY of my books or articles is a dead honest ZERO. There is nothing there for you. As far as you know every testimonial about me on the Internet is made up anyway so why bother? How can you possibly trust ANYTHING on the Internet?

If however you would like to actually meet and talk to the people behind those testimonials you can do so by visiting the official site or by clicking on my affiliate links.  Sadly though – you won’t find any typical people there…only those freakishly superior people that always seem to succeed when you keep failing.

Why are you still reading this? I told you to go watch a movie.”

Not everyone will have the same success because some people are just plain lazy and are always looking for the easy way out. Well guess what? Losing weight is hard work!