Best Leg Stretches After Running

It is often heard that people who run suffer from injuries or take longer to recover. Many runners even stopped running because they could not recover from the injuries. The best way to avoid the injuries and to hasten the muscle recovery is to do stretches after your running. The below are some of the best leg stretches after running.

Hamstring Stretch

This is done easier lying down than bending over. You need to ensure that your lower back is touching the floor. Bend one knee and keep the feet on the floor. Take the other leg and stretch it fully holding the leg with your hands. Bring the leg towards your chest. You should have your hips on the floor when you do this. Keep the leg pulled towards you for 20 to 30 seconds. Then you can do the same with the other leg.

The Quad Stretch

Stand straight without leaning forward. Bend one leg backward. Hold the feet with your hand and pull it towards your butt. During this time keep the other leg straight and keep both knees close together. You can feel the stretch at your quad. Hold the position for about 15 – 20 seconds. Repeat the same with the other leg. This is one of the best leg stretches after running. To really stretch the quad a good stretch machine can help a lot more.

The Calf Muscle Stretch

This is essential to prevent shin splints. Stand with your hands flat on the wall and stretched fully. Bend one leg forward. Stretch the other leg back with your knees straight. Keep the heel of the back leg on the floor. You can now feel the stretch on your calf muscles. Hold this position for about half to one minute. Repeat this exercise with the other leg.

The Low Lunge Stretch

Get into the leg lunge position. Keep the upper torso straight and stretch one leg back and keep it straight. Keep both hands on the forward leg and push down. Extend the hips forward. You will feel the stretch from the front of your hip and top of the thigh. One of the best leg stretches after running.

Iliotibial Band Stretch

The tightness of the Iliotibial band is a problem faced by many runners. The standing IT band stretch is a good way to release the tightness. Keep one leg behind the other while standing and raise the hand of that side over your head and bend towards the leg which is in front. Repeat the same with the other leg.

The above are some of the best leg stretches after running.

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