Turbulence Training Review

t is not easy to shed excess fats especially in your midsection. Normally, you will need to invest lots of time and effort in your workout system in order to get concrete results. If you are very busy, it would be very difficult for you to hit the gym to tone your muscles. Worse, some instructional manuals for weight training programs in the market are complete rubbish you will never get anything from them.

These are the issues that Craig Ballantyne wanted to solve with his Turbulence Training program. Ballantyne is a fitness and weight training expert with a Masters degree in this discipline. He created the Turbulence Training program as a comprehensive guide for those who want to see quick results with their weight trainings.

What is Turbulence Training?

Turbulence Training is comprehensive training program for faster fat loss and muscle building. The program focuses on Interval training methods characterized by high intensity weight training and body exercises. The weight training system of Ballantyne is also useful for toning muscles so you can get washboard abs as quickly as possible.

Turbulence Training is not just a simple e-book with exercise examples. It is a complete weight training suite consisting of downloadable fitness e-books, audio instructions, nutrition manuals, and other training resources.

The training course and system of Ballantyne is a bit controversial because it is debunking the common idea that cardio exercise is best for faster fat burning. In fact, Ballantyne is asserting that his program can help you achieve great results even without cardio training. His e-book also tries to debunk several weight training myths.

The controversial assertions of Ballantyne created a buzz around his product. In order to get a basic idea of what Turbulence Training is all about, it would be best if you can take a quick peek at some of its good and bad points. Here they are:

The Pros

First of all, Craig Ballantyne is a no-nonsense guy. So his instructional materials are also packed with simple yet practical tips, methods and information. It is not very difficult to understand the Turbulence Training method because the e-book does not have any fluff or filler pages. Everything is laid out for the readers in a systematic step by stem format.

Each training method contains several examples. These examples will simplify your learning process. The training methods are also organized into stages. So you will know immediately how to do the basic exercise forms and the advance techniques.

You can quickly finish the workouts in the Turbulence Training course within 15 to 20 minutes. You will be able to easily squeeze your workout in your busy schedule. Most importantly, most of the workouts can be performed at home allowing you to skip the gym.

Another high mark for the Turbulence Training program is its comprehensive nutritional guide. The nutrition guide provides a list of foods that you should eat and those that you must avoid.

The Cons

Of course, there are some weaknesses in the Turbulence Training system of Craig Ballantyne. First, the nutrition system provided in the manual is too tough. You can not integrate your diet with it. So you will be forced to develop your own meal plan which is very inconvenient.

Second, some of the workout routines are similar with very slight modifications only. If you are a beginner, this is good. But weight training is a continuing process. So in order to get optimum results, you will have to upgrade the routines in order to challenge your muscles.

This training course is not suitable for skinny men and women. It is primarily focused on shedding excess fats fast so you can build muscle. Although you can use the toning exercises of Turbulence Training, most of the instructions will not be applicable for skinny individuals. The scrunny individuals would probably benefit more from No Nonsense Muscle Building as it’s primary focus is on gaining muscle weight.

Lastly, the resources lack links to video instructions. There are times that pictures are not enough to get the right form. If there are video links to specific exercise forms, then Turbulence Training will surely have more value.

What’s in the Package?

When you purchase Turbulence Training, you will get a 118-page downloadable e-book. You also get 1-hour MP3 audio instructions, 7 exclusive fitness e-books, and 3 months access to Turbulence Training forum. The package comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Who Is It For?

Turbulence Training is perfect for men and women who want to quickly shed excess fats and tone their muscles. The workouts are designed for beginners and for busy individuals who want a quick workout system they can perform at home.

The Verdict: Is Turbulence Training Worth Your Hard-Earned Bucks?

Turbulence Training is a complete weight training guide that provides novel approaches to fat loss and muscle toning. You will surely get your money’s worth on this product. But remember that with any weight loss program you’ll get better results by following through and measuring your progress. The key here is having the right mindset and motivation to succeed with your goals.

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