Eat Stop Eat Review

Over the years, how many times have you placed “Will diet and exercise” on your New Year’s resolutions list? Or maybe you made a promise to yourself that you will finally do something about losing the excess pounds that you have.

With the sheer number of diet pills, weight loss programs, exercise plans and equipment which are available in the market today, have you not found one which worked for you yet? If your answer is a resounding yes, then you need to check out the following review of Eat Stop Eat, a weight loss program authored by Brad Pilon.

What is Eat Stop Eat?

The best way to start any review is to check on the qualifications of the author. Brad Pilon is a Toronto-based nutrion expert who has more than seven years of experience in the nutritional supplement industry.

His book Eat Stop Eat revolves around the principles of ‘Flexible Intermittent Fasting’. What exactly does the phrase mean? As the name of the program implies, you can eat, stop and then eat again during the program and still shed off the excess pounds that you have.

Simply put, what the author has in mind when promoting the principles of intermittent dieting is that you can do this: eat whatever you want one time, stop eating for some time, and go back to eating what you want again. Basically, there is this period in between the times that you get hungry when you would have to stop eating – and actually go fasting. After the ‘Stop’ period, you can go back to eating again. Makes sense? Read on to find out whether the program would actually work for you or not.

The Pros

First, let us look at the pros of using Brad Pilon’s Eat Stop Eat program. When you browse through the main e-book, the pages would seem to fly through your fingers – it’s that easy to read. The book starts out with the author busting the five nutrition myths which are ruining your fat loss success. As indicated in their website (, the program is a simple yet highly effective way to lose weight while preserving your lean muscle and metabolism.

So what else are the advantages of using a program like Eat Stop Eat? As far as diet plans go, this is a non-complex program where you don’t need to count calories, watch the clock tick by or keep a close reign on the portion sizes of what you are eating.

All you need to do is follow one or two 24-hour fasting periods where you will not eat anything, only drink water or black coffee. The program is supported by hard facts which is another plus point, and the principles are all sound and effective.

The Cons

Perhaps the only downside to using a program like Eat Stop Eat is the fasting period itself. Do you think that you can get by on a 24-hour period with only coffee and water as sustenance? There is a way to work around this, however, and it is still outlined in the book. After all, the principle revolves around flexible intermittent fasting – the keyword being flexible – so you can modify the program in such a way that you will still reach your target weight loss.

Another downside to the book is that the writing lacks structure – so beginner dieters might be confused about how much they should eat, when they should eat and when they should stop. It also doesn’t go into much details on proper exercise if any at all and it’s focus is mainly on losing weight but like I’ve said before losing weight and losing body fat are two different things so if you want something that is detailed in losing fat then you would definitely benefit more with either burn the fat feed the muscle or fat burning furnace.

What’s in the Package?

Eat Stop Eat comes in three packages:

1. The Basic Package, $39.95

– Includes the downloadable, 90-page Eat Stop Eat e-book

2. The Deluxe Package, $57.00

– Includes the downloadable, 90-page Eat Stop Eat e-book
– How Much Protein e-book

3. The Advanced Package, $77.00

– Includes the downloadable, 90-page Eat Stop Eat e-book
– How Much Protein e-book
– Ten Day Site Solution e-book
– Eat Stop Eat Advanced Audio Files & Transcripts (downloadable)
– Why Diets Stop Working Audio Files & Transcripts (downloadable)
– Expert Interrogations e-book

Please check on the to get the updated price list and package details.

Who Is It For?

The good thing about using the Eat Stop Eat program is that no matter what your gender, age or body type is, the principles taught in the book will be applicable to you. Brad Pilon’s book is also a great source of information for those who want to learn more about flexible intermittent fasting. The book is definitely not for those who feel that they cannot get by in a week’s time following the fasting phase of the program.

Is Eat Stop Eat a Worthwhile Purchase to Help You Meet Your Weight Loss Goals?

If you really want to shed off the excess pounds that you have and you think that you can muster the discipline of going through a 24-hour period of fasting within a one-week period, then Brad Pilon’s Eat Stop Eat program is definitely for you. The price for the basic package is worth the information that you will gain about flexible intermittent fasting, and following the weight loss program to the letter is bound to give you some decent results.

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